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Unique early childhood learning program to broaden your child’s learning experiences!

BrightPath Active Learning engages young children in challenging and meaningful learning experiences using the environment, nature, art and hands-on activities as a forum for learning.  Through purposeful experiences and activities, our BrightPath teachers build knowledge, understanding and experience with math, literacy, science and social studies.  Whether enrichment for your Kindergartener or building a strong academic foundation for your preschooler, BrightPath’s unique learning environment has opportunities for everyone to learn and grow.

BrightPath’s experiential approach to learning helps enrich their early years and build a stronger foundation for success in your child’s continued education. Your child’s enthusiasm for learning from the world around them will become second nature.

In addition to our Kinderten enrichment, the program that founded BrightPath, we offer programs for 3-1/2 year olds, 4 year olds and young 5’s who choose to wait a year for kindergarten.  Our preschoolers learn and grow in a mixed-age group for part of the day:  play time, circle time, read-alouds, etc.).   But, we also break up into smaller groups based on academic levels allowing all children to grow and prepare for lifelong learning.  This is where we’ll focus on the early learning standards for Ohio, and much more including science, learning about nature, art, life skills, and fine motor skills like cutting, pasting, etc.

BrightPath is the solution for Westerville parents seeking something more for their child;  something that allows each child to develop and grow through their learning experiences, their play interactions and their time in a mentoring environment that appreciates how each child is special in their own unique way.   Whether you’re looking for Preschool or Kindergarten enrichment, part time or full time, BrightPath has an option to meet your family’s needs.   Learn more about our flexible program options and schedules.


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The BrightPath Difference:

A Preschool/kindergarten enrichment program that complements the traditional half-day program or stands alone.

A unique learning environment that uses nature, art and physical activity as a forum for learning math, literacy, science and social studies skills.

Knowledgeable, professional teachers uniquely qualified to provide the experiencial learning environment on which BrightPath is founded.

Providing an education beyond academics, by encouraging a child’s personal, social and character growth and development.